2009 Pre-Asian Paragliding Championships Nishiawa
2009 Paragliding Japan Championships Nishiawa


Pre-Asian and Paragliding Japan Championships,
which is taking place in Nishiawa Japan, from May 1st to May 6th, 2009.
This competition is a preparatory event for
2nd Paragliding Asian Championships which will be taking place in 2010.

We welcome to this event competitors from all over the Asia,
and hope that this will be an excellent chance for pilots from different countries
to meet each other and enjoy great flying conditions of our flying area.

The competition will take place on Shikoku Island,
located approximately 100 km from Osaka.
Perfect flying site, with 1,000 m height difference between take-offi and landing,
allows to fly big cross-country tasks.
THis area is one of the few in Japan that provides perfect settings
for international flying competitions.

Details of the competition, flying area, and other necessary information
can be found on our web site.
Organizers will provide as much as possible assistance to
foreign pilots regarding transportation and accomodation arrangements.

See you in the sky over Japan !

Sincerely yours,

Kazushi Nishigaya
    2009 Paragliding Pre-Asian Championships
    Executive Committee

Seiji Mukumoto
    2009 Paragliding Japan Championships
    Executive Committee

Asian Paragliding Championships Executive committee